Why Lyric Scene Studio Came AboutKathy Bampfield


Lyric Scene is a place to go when you have questions and need answers about lyric writing and songwriting.

I wanted to continue following my passion without going to Nashville or NY, so the natural next step was online.

I seriously thought about how I wanted to help lyricists, as that is what I am.

The information given is from personal experience, NSAI training, interning, book learning and on site application (meaning just doin' it).

In the beginning when you write, you may be undecided about whether this is your calling or not. However, if you realize you're gonna write no matter what, you start to look at every piece of work as a part of you. It becomes personal. You may not understand how anyone could be confused or not get what you mean, or not love the story? As you put pencil to paper and start baring your soul, you want the listener to feel like they are in the room with you, experiencing love lost or new love, even tragedy.

One day unexpectedly lightning strikes right where you are standing.

It's hard to believe!!

On that startling day you realize people have no clue what you are saying, the messages to the world you are pouring out onto a piece of paper have no meaning to anyone but you, yourself.

That day will forever hold a spot in your memory and soul.


This place is to help you when that day comes, when you understand you are going to write no matter what, but need a little support or advice. Keep in mind you are not alone; many people have stood where you are standing. So if you want more information about what to write, how parts of lyrics fit together or even how the business works, you have stopped at the right corner.

Lyric Scene Studio is created by a Lyricist for Lyricists. I understand where you are coming from, as I've been there.

The information and suggestions are put together to help you with your songwriting journey as this process of lyric writing is just one big wonderfully messy journey.

With that, I will see on on the next step of your journey.