song ideasSongwriting Ideas & Tips:


Help is something we all need time to time, here are suggestions that I have used.

Some work better then others…:)

1. Keep an idea (hook) book with you so have somewhere to write the idea when it strikes.

2. Write out one of your favorite song lyrics once a day for 30 days.

3. Listen to your favorite radio station for a half hour and pull the hook out of each song.

4. Take each hook from #3 tip and rewrite the hook.  Ex: Red Dirt Road – Long Gravel Road

5. Dump your ideas for 10 minutes on a page. Don't think or sensor as you write; just write.

6. If you play an instrument, practice 20 minutes a day and look for musical hooks.

7. Write a song with a co-writer.

8. Make sure you know the rules before you break the rules.

9. Write each song as if its your most important song.

10. For every sad love song you write, write 2 upbeat songs.

11. Review your work.

12. Be straightforward. Get in. Make your point. Tell the story. Get out!

13. Do you answer the the questions of who, what, when where and why?

14. If you wouldn't say it in a conversation you wouldn't say it in a lyric.

15. You don't have to finish every song lyric you start.

16. Listen to radio shows. You get to hear great conversations.

17. Read, Read and more Read. Anything you can get your hands on. The larger your vocabulary, the better writer.

18. Use three basic tools: the dictionary, thesaurus and rhyming dictionary to help with your writing.

19. Experiment with lyric attitude: happy, sad, angry, tense, somber or aggressive. Dig for attitude!

20. Write a lyric in 3rd person.

21. Write a lyric in 1st person.

22. Change song format, write an AAA song with no chorus.

23. Write a whole lyric with no obvious rhyme.

24. If you write rap, write a rock song…meaning write in a different genre.

25. Join an online songwriting organization or your local NSAI or songwriting group.

26. Write in new scenery. Change up where you write, go to the park, the diner, just have some fun with this.

27. Listen to an instrumental piece of music and write to the mood of the music – You should be able to get a hook or title.

28. Write the description of where you are right at this moment, find a hook from it.

29. Write a new song idea with a co-writer, mix country and rock together or rap and country, see what happens.

30. If you play an instrument, practice 20 minutes and just look for musical hooks.

31. Don't write for the money, write because its your passion. The money will follow.

32. Pick up a copy of American Songwriter and read it cover to cover. How does your writing stand against theirs?

33. Write the description of where you are right at this moment. Find a hook from that.

34. Read a book and write a song about the book plot.

35. Practice writing opening lines. Work on grabbing the listeners' attention immediately. Start off with a BANG.

36. Pay attention to your health. Eat well when writing, keeping in mind that caffeine can be your enemy as well as your friend.

37. Tired of writing alone? Connect with music forums and look for a co writer online.

38. Dust off some of those old verse/choruses and rework them in 2013.

39. Are you writing a song a day?